Arian Rad is an Iranian-American actor, songwriter, and musician with a knack for the old things. Not having strong roots of his own, Arian has been forced to invent what ‘American’ means to him in this unprecedented era.

Taking notes from Appalachian folk music, Mississippi Delta blues, the emo rockers of the American Midwest, and more- Arian creates a sonic palette wholly unique and fresh, yet still familiar and warm.

Arian is currently in the recording process of several new singles, and developing his 2nd album.

Arian’s lyric-focused work spins the story of the complex struggle to define himself in the wake of all that has come before him. From his battles with mental illness, to the ecstasies of living without reserve, Arian tells the tale of his generation: lost, tired, ill-fated, yet totally uninhibited.

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